Increase customer satisfaction with Music On Hold

Audio Branding - Drives Customer Engagement

Enhance your image and create valuable cross-selling opportunities
with our music on hold service.

We replace silence or beeps with a premium music on hold production,
which keeps callers engaged with details of your offers, promotions and events!

Don't lose customers !

With more than 68% of customers spending more than 1 minute on hold, you can't afford to lose them to your rivals. That's why more and more businesses invest in Music On Hold - the easy way to inform, update and keep your customers on the line.

Boost your company image and reputation

Already, 54% of callers believe a company sounds far more professional if they use bespoke music and voice messaging whilst on hold. Our Music On Hold service delivers music, notifications and updates - to make your customers wait, a more valuable experience.

Give your callers what they're asking for

As many as 73% of callers, are quickly put off when they end-up listening to beeps or silence when on hold. So give them what they want with Music On Hold - they'll like it, they'll like your business and will be far more satisfied!

Why More Businesses Switch To Us Every Day

With over 100,000 customers already enjoying unbeatable savings on their bills and superior instant customer service - isn't time you switched?

Every day more business owners join us because we save them money - plus, new switchers get very latest in VoIP technology - including FREE HD quality handsets!

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