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Jayne Parry  

"I was fed-up with my phone lines cutting out once a week - my supplier was absolutely useless and I was sick of losing calls - then I heard about National Telecom so I decided to give them a go.

Now I'm a lot happier as I've finally got reliable phones plus I'm even paying less than I paid my former (rubbish!) supplier !"

On 27th October 2015 at 20:16:53 by Jane.

Paul Gates  

"It's one thing when you think you're paying a 'competitive rate' for your phone system, only to find out that you've been paying a lot more! When National Telecom said they could save me upto 60% I was cynical, but as it was a free quote I got them to quote me ...

Suffice to say I was shell-shocked when they even proved just how much they could save me if I switched! Suffice to say, I switched and now I'm loving how much I'm saving."

On 13th October 2015 at 14:35:21 by Paul.

Andrew Davies  

"I was so fed-up with slow internet and didn’t know if it could be improved without costing me a fortune. I heard about National Telecom so gave them ago, after a free consultation they showed me I could get faster broadband without paying extra.

As I was paying over the odds for my old broadband! Happy with fast internet access at no extra cost!"

On 10th October 2015 at 10:53:06 by Andrew.

Christina Ballard  

"When I took over the business the phone system was the last thing I was bothered about until I got the bill!?!? Can’t believe such a basic phone system could be so expensive to run.

I got National Telecom out – they showed me how they’d cut my phone bill and give me a brand new phone system – happy days now – love the money I’m saving."

On 22nd September 2015 at 16:57:45 by Christina.

Sarah Fowler  

"Never had any problems with the support – whenever I needed help with moving a phone between offices the support team were fab, really helpful and nothing was too much trouble. I wish BT were as good !!!!."

On 17th September 2015 at 09:34:23 by Sarah.

Jenny Threlfall  

"An excellent service, I called for a problem that I thought I had with the phone line which wasn't due to the phone line in the end. But I was still given as much help as possible to rectify this problem.

Alan couldn't have been more helpful and helped me even if I didn't feel he needed to - beyond the call of duty! Amazing service."

On 10th September 2015 at 15:26:04 by Jenny.

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