National Telecom Customer Service

National Telecom is constantly delivers an very high standard of customer service and support - bar none!

When you call National Telecom - you'll always recieve :

A UK based customer service centre

Unlike others, we don't outsource our customer services team - because such outsourced teams often get criticised for using poorly trained staff and for providing a low quality of service! So when you call us - you can be sure you're speaking to one of our specially trained UK based call centre operators.

UK based customer service

Our customer service team are confirmed by customers time and again as providing good - outstanding service, with 99% of enquiries completely resolved in the first call. Also we regularly keep our staff updated on the latest telecoms technology and encourage them to strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time!

Free Technical Support

Many communication providers subsidise their prices by making customers pay to receive any technical support. We think this is wrong, so that's why we never charge for technical support - don't forget, we are always more than happy to deal with any technical enquiries - large or small.

All calls answered within 6 seconds

Our customer service team awlays answer all incoming calls within 6 seconds to achieve a service level of 100%. Actual service levels are typically 96% and the average length of time a customer waits for a call to be answered is even less than 4 seconds.

Why More Businesses Switch To Us Every Day

With over 100,000 customers already enjoying unbeatable savings on their bills and superior instant customer service - isn't time you switched?

Every day more business owners join us because we save them money - plus, new switchers get very latest in VoIP technology - including FREE HD quality handsets!

National Telecom is part of the Atlantic Communications Corporation Limited